Types of Grass We Sell

Shop Grass Types: Zoysia | St. Augustine | Bahia

Not Sure Which Grass Will Work Best For Your Project?

Use the information below to find the right grass for your location.

Full Sun:

St. Augustine/Floratam
Full Sun/No Trees

St. Augustine/Floratam

Mostly Sun:

Argentine Bahia
Mostly Sun

Argentine Bahia

Full Shade:

St. Augustine/Seville
Full Shade - Great Under Trees

St. Augustine/Seville

Moderate Shade:

St. Augustine/Palmetto
Moderate Shade
St. Augustine Palmetto Sod - SOD-X

St. Augustine/Palmetto

Shade or Sun:

St. Augustine/Bitter Blue
Best of Both Worlds - Shade or Sun

St. Augustine/Bitter Blue

Full Sun/Full Shade

Zeon Zoysia
Full Sun, Full Shade, Slow-Growing Turf
St. Augustine Zeon Zoysia Sod - SOD-X

Zeon Zoysia

Full Sun/Mod. Shade

Empire Zoysia
Full Sun, Moderate Shade, Slow-Growing Turf

Empire Zoysia

By The Piece or By The Pallet

Order Sizes: Piece | 1/4 Pallet | 1/2 Pallet | 3/4 Pallet | Full Pallet

Not Sure How Much Grass You Need For Your Project?

Use the information below to help determine how much grass to order.

By the Piece

Sod By The Piece

1 foot X 2 feet

Quarter Pallet

Sod by the 1/4 Pallet

125 sq. ft. – The size of a small kids bedroom or large bathroom. (50 pieces)

Half Pallet

Sod by the 1/2 Pallet

250 sq. ft. – The size of a single car garage. (100 pieces)

Three Quarter Pallet

Sod by the 3/4 Pallet

385 sq. ft. – The size of a two car garage. (160 pieces)

Full Pallet

Sod by the Full Pallet

500 sq. ft. – The size of a three car garage. (200 – 205 pieces)

Common Questions:

Q: How much can I fit in my trunk or SUV?
A: Usually about 20-45 pieces depending on the size of your vehicle

Q: Do you do anything to protect my vehicle?
A: Yes, we put a plastic tarp down to protect your vehicle.

Q: When are you open?
A: We are open Monday – Friday 7AM to 6PM, Saturday 7AM to 4PM, and Sunday by appointment only.

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