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St. Augustine Floratam Maintenance Guide

St. Augustine Floratam

St. Augustine Floratam is the most widely produced and used St. Augustine grass in Florida. St. Augustine grass is a coarse-textured cultivar that has poor cold and shade tolerance. Floratam is susceptible to chinch bug damage. Floratam is perfect for home and commercial sites that have 100% SUN! Floratam is the most common grass in Florida with its easy-to-maintain, wide-blade. It performs very well in Florida.

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  • High Maintenance
  • Irrigation Required
  • Fast Growth
  • Drought Resistant
  • Full Sun

Floratam is a darker-colored, green grass, deriving from the St. Augustine lineage of grass. The Floratam strain was developed in the 1970s as a result of two agricultural experiments in Florida and Texas, hence FLOR TAM, and has become commonplace throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

This grass is a dark green color and is coarsely textured with soft blades that are comfortable to walk on. Floratam is a sun and heat-loving grass that will grow aggressively during the summer if properly watered. Over the cooler seasons, fall and winter, this grass will slow its growth and may even go dormant, but it will sprout back up in spring and start growing very quickly. In preparations for the winter months, regular watering and fertilization are recommended to help Floratam keep its color. During the summer, weekly mowing is recommended because of its aggressive growth, aiming to keep the height of the grass between three to four inches. 


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