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Argentine Bahia

 “Bahia ” grass forms an extensive, deep rooting system. It sustains better than other grasses in infertile, sandy soils, and does not require high inputs of water or fertilizer. This makes it a good choice for home sites on large lots, acreage, or for anywhere that there is no irrigation system. Bahiagrass prefers acidic soils, such as those found in the central area of Florida. Bahia is not an excessive thatching sod. Bahiagrass can reseed itself from the seed heads that it produces, especially during the long days of summer. It has relatively few diseases and insect problems. Bahiagrass does not have a good tolerance for shade, traffic, or saltwater. Bahia grows best when in full sun.”Argentine Bahia ” form a relatively dense sod and has a dark green color, making it acceptable for lawn use in many situations. It has good insect and disease resistance also goes dormant in cold temperatures.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Irrigation Not Required
  • Good Wear Tolerance
  • Drought Resistant
  • Full Sun
Argentine Bahia has wide broad leaves with a good darker green color, making it more suitable for Lawns in Florida and other Coastal Southern states.  Its susceptibility to cold results in the winter kill of stands planted North of approximately Tifton, Georgia.  It is used extensively for lawns, because of its attractive look and the fact that it produces less “objectionable” seed heads than other Bahias.  Best for use in full sun areas.
Argentine & Shade – Argentine Bahia has minimal shade tolerance.  The best choice for shade in warm-season lawns is a St. Augustine Grass – Bahiagrass will slowly thin out under the drip line of shady trees and will generally not survive long term as the shade tolerance is limited.  Argentine tends to have slightly higher shade tolerance than Pensacola. In general, it should be used for full sun areas.
Argentine Bahia is popular for its low maintenance, deep roots, and drought tolerance. This lawn and pasture seed are common throughout the southern United States, particularly Florida, Georgia, South Carolina Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, southeast Oklahoma, northeast and southeast Texas, and southwest California. Argentine Bahia is perfect for wet areas because of its high water tolerance. However, it is susceptible to cold, which is why it is recommended for use in year-round warmer climates.
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